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I have found a site for free music!!! Feb. 9th, 2007 @ 07:37 pm
This site has free videogame and anime music, in addition to much more! It is soooo cool!


Dec. 7th, 2006 @ 12:12 am

I bring you a Naruto Christmas Doujinshi [click here]!!!
Well... Page one of it. Page two should be up tomorrow, Page Three 2 days later and so on until I ...finish it.

I hope you all enjoy the doujinshi!


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A-Kon May. 31st, 2006 @ 12:45 pm
I was just wondering if anyone here will be at A-Kon (anime convention in dallas, tx!) in june? I'll be there! ^__^ and I can't wait! I will be cosplaying Ino (from naruto of course) and Amara (from Nikihaku) ^=^

A new AU Naruto RP is in town ^___^ Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 02:42 pm
Hello everyone! Just want to leave a quick note that there is a new Naruto RP on LJ...Konoha HS has just opened and can't get started unless we have more characters filled in! If you like to write and have a passion for Naruto than join us and let the crack Rp begin!!!!

Check us out ^__^


or u can comment here if you are intrested!

so sorri if this is spam for anyone!!! has been cross posted on many other communities -_-;;;
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Hi... =D; Jul. 17th, 2005 @ 06:41 pm
I'm new here. *waves* I'm anime addicted, all the way. XD Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to join my Saiyuki RP. It's brand new, so all characters (other than Goku >.>;) are up for grabs. Anyone want to help get it going?

Other entries
» Request
i was wondering if someone can give me the theme song for Please Teacher! Can u pls send it MP3 format. Post a link here or email me at punk_videogamer@yahoo.com.
» Naruto roleplay [Seeking!]

Five years have past since Sasuke's original disappearance to seek Orochimaru; Gaara remains as Kagekaze, not abducted by the Akatsuki. Konoha is liberated and treatied with Suna Village, and Naruto's long since returned home. Life seems peaceful, save for the occasional occurrence and mishap concerning the usual Nin-missions and tasks.

Currently, we are still seeking new members as the community is still very young [made as of a few days ago] and currently harbors the two mods. All characters are available, save for Sasuke and Gaara, and relationships may concern yaoi and yuri at times. We are dire for other members and participants though at the beginning, entry may be limited to only a few people [see: roleplay takes place in Suna. As of, only Sand nins may be able to participate]. But come later in the roleplay, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, etc will all be needed/wanted/desired.

So come join the fun while the fun's still coming!

If interested, leave a comment and I'll get back to you!
» (No Subject)
The other day, I started a Shaman King RP, and I'm still looking for more members.

It takes place in modern day, however, their age years have been modified so the characters are not in their 20s, and they are around 14-17(most of them). Example: If we had left HoroHoros birthyear at 1985, then he would be 20 years old this november. So we changed the year to 1989. This way, HoroHoro will be 16 this November opposed to 20.

It's NOT an Alternate Universe Roleplay, so the ghosts and spirits are still there, and everyone is still a shaman.

The Roleplay follows Anime and Manga. So the events in the Anime happened, aswell as the Manga events; this way it's mixed and the people who only read the Manga dont start paniking if it was based on the Anime, going, "Oh noes! I only saw the Manga!!!11!!one!!" And vica versa for those who only watched the Anime.

We don't advise people who have seen the Dubbed version of Shaman King on Foxbox/4kids TV to join this community unless they know all the subbed information, and they are pretty aware of the japanese names( Example: Zeke is not 'Zeke' in this roleplay, his name is 'Hao').

The characters TAKEN (I emphasize the taken part) are:
+ Amidamaru
+ Asakura Hao
+ Asakura Yoh
+ Deithyl Lyserg
+ Horokeu Usui(HoroHoro)
+ Kyouyama Anna
+ Oyamada Manta
+ Tao Ren
+ Tao Jun

To see a more detailed list of all the characters available please go look at oracle_bell_rps userinfo, as that list is very long.

Please read the userinfo before applying.

If interested: oracle_bell_rp

» (No Subject)
Does anyone happen to have Gundam Wing that they dont mind sending to me?
» (No Subject)

Im here to pimp my new RP:


Its a Full Metal Alchemist roleplay, and we only have about 5-6 people in it, and we need more..so Join please!
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